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Kings Herbal PLUS 1 Liter Food Supplement

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Kings Herbal PLUS 1 Liter! Food Supplement Recommended Intake

KINGS Herbal is best for children with ages seven (7) months onward and for adults of any age.
  • For children (7 months old onward) - Use a medicine dropper. Take 1 ml. up to 5 ml. or as recommended.
  • For adults (any age) - Use the measuring cup provided in our product. Take 30 ml. to 90 ml. or as recommended.
Kings Herbal PLUS 1 Liter Nutritional Components
  1. Beta-carotene
  2. Ellagic Acid
  3. Indoles
  4. Coenzyme Q10
  5. Lycopene
  6. Vitamin A, C and E
  7. Tangerin
  8. Quercetins
  9. Limonene
  10. Hesperidin
  11. Sulphoraphane
  12. Lutein
  13. Resveratrol
  14. Anthocyanisms
  15. Zeaxathine
  16. Allium Compounds
How it Works!
  • The Body is detoxified. Stored toxins are filtered out of the system.
  • As the body gets used to cleansing power and as the bodily systems normalize, the Immune System is strengthened.
  • Organ Functions are restored and enhanced.
  • Metabolism and Stamina increases.
  • Blood Sugar level is normalized.
  • The Balance of ions in the body is corrected and restored.

Kings Herbal PLUS Benefits

Kings Herbal PLUS Food Supplement is made-up of 80 kinds of locally harvested fruits, vegetables and herbs extract. The resulting mixtures is made into a ready-to-drink formulation (herbal fusion) to prevent alteration and disintegration of nutrients.

Kings Herbal PLUS Food Supplement helps strengthen one’s immune system, therapy restore the normal function of our vital organs. Kings Herbal PLUS aides in the correction of any electrolyte imbalances and helps the body return to it’s optimum healthy state.

Kings Herbal PLUS of Ka Rey Herrera is been around for 21 years. Helping  thousands of ailing Filipino's all over the world. From diabetes, hypertension, kidney problem, liver disease, stomach ache and many more.

REH Herbal (Kings Herbal PLUS) has been registered since July 27, 2000. The REH Herbal Products meet the certification and approval of the Bureau of Food and Drugs and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA LICENSE TO OPERATE NO. RDII-RIII-F-2283 FDA CERTIFICATE OF PRODUCT REGISTRATION FR NO. 95265) year after year – a testament to the quality of REH Herbal Products.

Kings Herbal PLUS by REH Kings Empire

Where to buy? Buy only from ORIGINAL/legit REH Kings Herbal Food Supplement. You can visit our Kings Herbal PLUS Branch Outlet Office in Quezon City and Monumento, Caloocan from 8am to 5pm everyday. We also do same day deliver when you order from our main online store - COD (Cash On Delivery) for metro manila or Shipping for provinces. Beware of fake!